Brown Thumb Gardening

The name says it all, right? How to garden without knowing how to garden? Well, It starts off with getting to know the basics. Roots to shoots, what to do and what not to do. Hold up, did you just say you killed a SUCCULENT?? We're just Kidding.

Gardening comes with challenges, life and death is all a part of it. So to help you along, we've put together an interesting collection of posts to help guide you through some of the basics, as well as introduce you to some of the more complex things you will come across when exploring your little brown thumb.

Indoor low light plants: The basics.
Indoor plants. What do we mean?Well, more appropriately, we mean: low light and shade tolerant plants.LOW light does not equal[...]
Tumbler composting: How to, tips and tricks
Using a tumbler to compost takes out the physical strain of traditional composting methods. If you have a decent outdoor[...]
Nitrogen and Carbon- What’s the difference?
Want to learn the difference in differentiating between nitrogen and carbon materials?
Vermicomposting: How to, tips and tricks
Composting with worms is fun and effortless. These little wrigglers will produce a rich compost matter and liquid fertiliser that[...]